Fit Guide

Fit Profiles and Descriptors

Our design and fit process is in Aspen — for us, the ultimate inspiration and ideal real-world testing environment. For over 75 years, Obermeyer has emphasized “fit” to create the ultimate synergy between design and function. Our design team incorporates innovative styling, specialty fabrics and new technology to enhance the critical motions of an active Every prototype is vigorously tested for fit, function and style on models and on the mountain. Rest assured that once a customer puts on a garment in a dressing room its subsequent performance will be appreciated.

Body Mapping: Strategic deployment of Insulation helps to minimize the over-loading of bulky insulation where it is not required; the engineered locations effectively increase body heat where needed while maintaining ease of movement in highly active locations.

Full-Motion™ Articulation: Ergonomic patterning enhances a jacket's active fit where the sleeves are articulated by a minimum of 12 degrees at the elbow; thereby further reducing the pull/stretch at back of arm and shoulder.

PERFORMANCE FIT: Contour fit for dynamic motion

ACTIVE FIT: Athletic fit engineered for full motion

REGULAR FIT: Functional fit for comfort and full motion

RELAXED FIT: Generous fit for extra layers and full motion.

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