Partners in Innovation Since 1965

Obermeyer is one of the first US Ski brands to have ever partnered with Schoeller, and that proud partnership continues today. Schoeller, a Swiss-based, Bluesign certified textile manufacturer, who create high-performance, high-quality materials that we’ve relied on for decades. Schoeller’s 4-way stretch performance made it possible for us to create our Katze Suit; a one-piece ski suit that can keep up with a full day on the mountain. That means moving with you, and keeping you dry, so a full day means a full day.

Mountain Versatility Born From Ocean Plastics

Klaus Obermeyer thought about the impact we have on the planet before he even started our company. “We must step lightly” is a mantra that all Obermeyer employee’s live by. Repreve helps us pass that mantra to other earth-conscious mountain lovers. Repreve is a performance-minded textile created from recycled plastic. So while plastic is plastic, creating our apparel from waste is a start to ending our plastic waste crisis. And if it adds to your enjoyment of these wild mountains, then it’s a win win.

High Performance Fabric That Moves With Your Pace of Life

Toray Dermizax leads the way in some of our highest-performing products we offer, including brand new 3L Women’s Highland Shell and our Men’s Highlands Shell jackets. Toray offers 4-way-stretch, high performance water resistance and breathability, and is a versatile material for those who like to layer, as well as those who prefer a high-grade insulated option.

Merino Wool
That Cozy Vibe Only Nature Can Provide

Merino Wool allows us to offer our sweater program and maintain our commitment to the planet. Our sustainably-sourced Merino Wool will provide the cozy feeling that pairs well with the fire inside the ski lodge, while also performing as an excellent, moisture-wicking layering option for those days that call for that classic extra layer.