Allied Feather + Down
Trackable, Ethical, Sustainable Duck and Goose Down

As part of our ongoing, ever-evolving commitment to sustainability, we partnered with Allied Feather + Down. To insure your trust that your duck and goose down was sustainably-sourced, you can track the down from your item all the way back to where the down was initially sourced. Allied provides us with different levels of loft based on the needs of that garment, which means you’ll have coverage for turning heads at the resort with our Katze Suit, and if you need something for in town on a cold night, we’ll have that option for you as well.

Synthetic Insulation at the Peak of Material Science

Primaloft believes that performance doesn’t need to come at the expense of the planet, and so do we. Primaloft is at the forefront of the material science industry when it comes to sustainable practices, including using recycled plastics and maintaining carbon emissions to limit their carbon footprint. Their ultra-fine fibers allow us to design products that trap warmth and keep you comfortable on those brisk days on the mountain. Primaloft also allows for a level of waterproofing that allow the materials to stay as dry as you do.

High-Tech, Sustainable, Breathable, and Lightweight

Thermore is yet another sustainable, synthetic insulation that we offer in your Obermeyer products. Thermore specializes in lightweight insulations made of recycled plastic bottles. Thermore balances breathability with a top-tier breathability rating, so your adventures aren’t interrupted by materials that can’t keep up.