The Obermeyer Team

A collection of Pro Team Riders, Brand Ambassadors, and Icons & Influencers that live like Klaus Obermeyer. They have a love for the outdoors, they live life to the fullest, and they treat others with respect and compassion. And if you're going to live like Klaus, you wear that infectious smile on your face as often as possible.

Team Riders

Anna Tedesco

Jackson Hole, WY
Salt Lake City, UT

Nick Hall

Bozeman, MT

Charlie Drummond


Andrew Muse

Salt Lake City, UT

Brendan Mackay

Calgary, Alberta. CAN


Ethan Swadburg

Bozeman, MT. USA

Maja Keefer

Huntsville, UT. USA

Nicky Keefer

Huntsville, UT. USA

Tereza Korabova

Innsbruck. Austria.

Corey Jackson

Driggs, ID. USA

Elsa Smith

Jackson, WY. USA