Where do you sell your products?

Please use the Store Locator and search by city/state or zip

How do I purchase products from your site?

To purchase our products, you will need to select the color and size of the product you are interested in, and hit the ‘buy online’ button. A list of Obermeyer retailers who purchased the item from us will pop up. You will be directed to their website to finalize your purchase.

I would love to purchase more than one item, how can I be sure to purchase the items together?

If you are looking to buy more than one item from the same online retailer. For an item you would like to purchase, simply click on add to bag and when you are done shopping, click on view your bag. The online retailers selling the items will be listed under final checkout. Click on Final checkout to complete your purchase with one of our online retailers.

Where can I refer to your garment sizing and fit profiles?

Size charts are accessible by several paths on the site; the size charts are located under Support on the bottom footer of the homepage, on product gender category pages (mens/parkas & jackets, for example) and on each individual product style page.

How do I work the I-Grow Extended Wear system in my child’s garment?

We have produced a user-friendly instruction video for your convenience. Click on “I-Grow” instructions to view.

For Jackets: Inside the sleeve of your child’s jacket about an inch or two up from the cuff there will be a brightly colored thread that you will need to take out. The outside of the sleeve is engineered with extra fabric so there is no need to remove any outside threads.

For Pants: On the inside of the hem on the pant there will be a brightly colored thread you will need to remove that thread. There will also be a thread about an inch up on the snow gaiter that needs to be removed.

Can the I-Grow thread be put back in for re-use? We do not offer to put i-grow back into garments that have already had them removed.

What garments will have the I-Grow Extended Wear System?

Children’s jackets AND pants sizes 1-8 and Teen pant sizes XS-XL.

Non-warranty Product Returns and Exchanges

Can I return or exchange an item with Obermeyer? No, items must be returned/exchanged through the store where they were originally purchased.

Can I wash my faux-fur collar?

Washing your faux fur collar may result in matting of the fabric hairs. We recommend removing the faux-fur collar from your jacket and having it dry-cleaned. If your faux-fur collar is permanently attached to your jacket, spot clean and hand wash the garment and avoid getting the faux fur wet. Check out our link, How to Care for your Obermeyer Garment for more information.

Where can I find replacement parts for my garment?

Our styles change from year to year and while we do keep some small replacement parts on hand, we may not have the part you need to match your garment exactly. Contact Customer Service (customerservice@obermeyer.com) for more detailed  information.

Can I get a replacement hood, faux fur, belt, etc?

Sorry, due to storage, production and constantly progressing designs, we can't replace lost or damaged components

What does “limited lifetime” warranty mean?

Our garments are expected to stand up to the use for which they are designed. With proper care, your Obermeyer product should last a number of years. However, materials and laminations break down over time during normal wear. Our definition of “limited lifetime” means the lifetime of the garment.

Do you offer alterations on your skiwear?

No, we do not offer alteration services, however we do offer our ski wear in plus sizes and petite sizes in addition to our regular sizing. If you need to alter your Obermeyer garment, please contact your local Obermeyer retailer for a referral.

I love my Obermeyer jacket and I’m looking for a new one just like it. Do you carry over the same styles from year to year?

Our fabrics, designs and insulations change from year to year. If you’re looking to replace your old favorite, we’ll do our best to help you find a garment that comes closest to the one you love. Email us at: customerservice@obermeyer.com with as description, or better yet, email a picture and we’ll send you our recommendations.