Obermeyer Care Instructions

How To Care For Your Obermeyer Ski Wear

The Science of Waterproof Breathable Technologies for Ski Clothing

Obermeyer ski wear products are meant to be easy keepers. Our rule of thumb: If your Obermeyer garment looks dirty, or if water is soaking through the shell fabric, it’s time to launder.

Most of our garments may be thrown in the washing machine. However, to be certain, look to the care/cleaning instructions located on the black “care” tab attached to each garment prior to washing.


  • Before throwing your garment in the washing machine, pre-scrub soiled areas.
  • Remove the faux fur hood (if applicable).
  • Zip all pockets and attach all velcro closures.
  • Wash in cool water, gentle cycle.
  • Liquid detergents may leave a residue on the fabric of your garment, which can diminish the performance of the DWR coating , so please use a non-liquid, non-detergent product. Your Obermeyer dealer or your favorite outdoor shop may have recommendations for products that they have used. Our favorite is Nikwax TX-Direct Wash-In. If you do not have access to a non-detergent product, use a very mild detergent, sparingly, such as Dreft White or King.
  • Rinse very thoroughly…or better yet, send your garment through the rinse cycle twice.
  • Gently squeeze most of the excess water from your garment. But DO NOT WRING. This can cause the DWR coating to separate from the inside of the shell fabric.
  • Dry on gentle cycle, lowest heat. Please do not hang the garment over a heat source. This can damage the integrity of the fabric, the DWR coating, and quite possibly your house.


Some of our warmest garments are produced using duck down as insulation. This natural insulation is a crowd pleaser because of its warmth-to-weight ratio. For cleaning purposes, please follow instructions above, with the following exceptions: You may wash your down jacket and, if you choose to do this at home, we recommend Nikwax Down Wash as your cleaning agent. Place your down garment in the dryer ON THE LOWEST SETTING. Place a couple of clean tennis balls or a clean tennis shoe in with the garment. This helps “re-fluff” the down.

Alternatively, if you feel more comfortable bringing your garment to a professional cleaner, make sure that the company you choose specializes in down products. FAUX FUR TRIM: For philosophical reasons, we have chosen to produce our garments using only artificial fur. Rest assured, our faux fur is high quality and provides the same performance and feel of real fur. For cleaning purposes, the faux-fur trim on your Obermeyer garment should be removed and dry-cleaned. If the faux-fur trim can not be removed from the garment, we recommend having the entire garment dry-cleaned.


Those 5 fingers can be challenging when washing your gloves. Here’s a little trick: gently spot-clean the surface of your gloves. Then handwash the gloves in cool water with a non-liquid detergent and a very soft sponge, keeping one hand inside to preserve the shape. Rinse twice to remove all residue. With hand still in glove, gently squeeze water from gloves, then hang to dry. To reduce soil accumulation inside your gloves, always wash hands prior to wearing. To refresh the inside of your gloves, try spraying a light mist of Fabreze Unscented Fabric Refresher (or other fabric refresher) in each glove finger.