Who We Are

Obermeyer company photo

Our reason for being began 72 years ago. Klaus Obermeyer founded Sport Obermeyer to make clothing for the outdoors so people would have fun and enjoy those moments of happiness and share those experiences with friends and family. We strive to be the preferred apparel resource for people who seek joy by sharing the skiing experience with friends and family. Obermeyer exists to make skiing easier and more fun. Our intent is to develop products and customer services that make the complicated, easy; the uncomfortable, comfortable; the serious, light-hearted; the expensive, affordable; and the short-lived made to last.

Klaus knows how one’s well-being is dependent upon shared outdoor experiences. Obermeyer is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles which renew and refresh. He wanted to make clothes which would allow people to have an outdoor experience without getting cold and wet. 'To simply make being outside feel better inside.' Somehow it turned into a business as Klaus began making clothes that were weather worthy. Obermeyer started out 'very very small' and at the time there weren’t many innovative products, so creating industry firsts was easy. His philosophy is simple –  help your customers to be comfortable while being outside having fun and smiles will come.

Positive perspective and endless opportunities: “Love and true appreciation for what you do keeps you youthful and enterprising.” It is through the spirit of being outside which creates the vitality which our designs reflect. Whether in town on a snowy evening or on a summer's windswept ridge we carefully consider how each garment fits and performs, while at the same time expressing a sense of style and personal interest in adventure.

'Nature presents us lessons of balance; we find meaning and purpose and we seek further experiences because we're naturally curious, a recipe for peace of mind and personal well-being.' Our ethos is one of enabling people to better enjoy the outdoors and the wonders of nature. Continuous innovation and technical improvements in material science are at the heart of his vision and the company’s philosophy. Today, Obermeyer’s inspired collections reflect our continuing commitment to offer clothing for all ages and outdoor activities, from back-to-school to around town to the high mountains. Obermeyer’s heritage is born from a mountain lifestyle and the rejuvenating energy of our natural environment.

Our purpose is to enhance the quality of the holistic life experience. We do this by behaving in a way that can make life easier for our customers and the community at large. We focus on the value of simple, daily activities that bring smiles to all our faces, being outside, having fun, and the joy of shared relationships.