Stretch fabrics

Ease of motion while optimizing full-motion fit

2-Way/4-Way Stretch Fabric

As we develop more technical fabrics with stretch we are able to provide exceptional durability and comfort. More importantly we are utilizing stretch fabrics which are lighter which complements its suppleness for ease of motion and superior fit characteristics. Elastane is fabricated with the fabric to create a consistent weave which is not two different fibers being interwoven. The elastane infused fabric therefore maintains a homogeneous texture and surface; ideal for accepting dye colors and waterproof breathable laminates and DWR coatings.  We employ 2-way and 4-way stretch fabrics within a garment design: typically 4-way is located where a wide range-of-motion requires it for optimum flexibility without any constraints. Finally, we use stretch insulation to augment the stretch fabric outer layer, achieving a holistic engineered construction approach.