scenic backcountry
mtn deck
aspen ski town
powder pillows
Klaus Obermeyer winter mountaineering
Carol Alt 70's fashion
On Mountain dining
Rodeo air at Rock Island, Snowmass
Mom & Son ski day
Ski fence, Aspen Mountain
Snow Kayak getting air
Women's winter knits
Rainbow rail
Teen boy park
Maroon Bowl fresh tracks
Fresh powder turns
Women's fashion lifestyle
Klaus, Klausi and Wally Obermeyer flying high
Rock Island fox on photoshoot
Selkirk backcountry approach tracks
Carol Alt backcover ski magazine
Obermeyer kids' girls racer
Sunstruck women's ski action
Ship's Prow massive air, Snowmass
Spring on mountain party
Obermeyer Kids' Girls winter clothing
Klaus ski instructing, Aspen Mountain
Harris rock boost
Steep and deep fresh powder
Out and about in the high desert
Glade tree skiing
Boys love to catch air
Fueling up early bird
Go big or go home
Early bird turns
Mom's skiing buddy
Klaus greeting the day
Dropping in
Teen Boys park progression
Obermeyer women sending it
Klaus throwing an 'umsprung'
Michaela Bercu back cover Ski Magazing
Tyson's launch
60's Ski fashions rock out
Best friends and their dog
Euro snowboard basejump
2002 on-mountain company barbecue
Capitol South face
Obermeyer men's Charger in action
Obermeyer girls out on the sledding hill
After lifts 'dining' out
Snow kayak head-to-head
Wave like turns on the Headwall, Snowmass
Klaus boosting in the 50's
Klaus ski mountaineering in the 40's
Breck pipe air
Charging the Cirque headwall, Snowmass
Five finger backcountry hike to the goods
Obermeyer family ski day
obermeyer reversible fashion!
Liquid snow windsurfing
Leave your mark - signature tracks
Klaus on a rainbow rail for xmas card
Pete Olenick hitting the Smith car rail