As we celebrate Obermeyer’s 75 years, the Rallye is our latest celebration of timeless design, quality, and craft. These shades could’ve been spotted on a t-bar in the 1960s, but we made them by hand in the French Alps for today. Handcrafted products inspired by evergreen style made by artists in the Alps for your upcoming ski season. This is a product that we think will make a crater when it drops! We built these sunglasses as a nod to our past for the world to enjoy today.

The Rallye sunglasses use handcrafted, Italian-made acetate. The cotton-based acetate is mixed with acids and polymers to produce lightweight frames that are comfortable during long sessions of use. The frames also feature premier durability, holding their shape through years of continued use. 

Creating sunglasses this way is a labor of love—over 700 minutes of craftsmanship and 300 unique steps go into each Rallye frame, made by hand in France where eyewear has been at the forefront of quality for over a century.

The lenses are manufactured in Calvados, France, through a process that begins with organic materials like sand and ash. This mixture is heated, melted, and hardened into a mountain-ready glass. The lenses are then painstakingly polished to achieve the highest possible level of clarity for the user. The result is a distortion-free, scratch-resistant lens that is both ruggedly durable and infinitely recyclable.

Like all Obermeyer products, the Rallye sunglasses are truly made to last a lifetime.


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