For 75 years, Obermeyer has been manufacturing high-quality products made to get people outside. Everything we do aims to make spending time in the outdoors more comfortable, more fun, more safe, and more stylish. If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. And, if you play good, you’ll come back and play again. Right? 

This commitment to design has led to innovations like the down parka, extended-wear systems, ergonomic gloves, aluminum poles, and ski bindings, among others. We believe that these types of solutions are what defines Obermeyer. These innovative products make life on the mountain more fun, more comfortable, and allow you to stay out longer.

One of our most inventive outdoor solutions came in the 1960s, Obermeyer brought the Rallye Sunglasses to market.

The Rallye shades were the first ski sunglasses to feature a mirrored lens, a new design element that prevented watery eyes and protected the user from intense, high-altitude sunlight. To achieve the premium quality that has become synonymous with Sport Obermeyer, the original Rallye Sunglasses were handmade by skilled French artisans from the highest-quality materials available.


To celebrate our 75th anniversary, we’re revisiting and reimagining the classic with a contemporary and sleek updated Obermeyer Rallyes. In designing the next generation, we’ve followed the same performance-first principles outlined by Obermeyer over 60 years ago.

Introducing, the Obermeyer Rallye Sunglasses! 

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