Partners in innovation since 1965, Obermeyer and Schoeller have worked in lockstep to bring innovative outerwear to skiers for nearly 60 years.

Schoeller, the Swiss-based textile company, has a storied history. In 1868, Rudolph Schoeller moved to Zürich to establish Switzerland’s first worsted yarn spinning mill. Originally named "Schoeller & Söhne," the origin of today’s Schoeller Textil AG was based in Schaffhausen on the upper Rhine River. Fast forward more than 155 years and Schoeller is behind “highly-functional textiles and innovative textile technologies” for a number of applications.

Schoeller Factory at work in the late 1800s.

With Obermeyer’s roots as one the US’s original ski brands, a partnership with an institutional European brand like Schoeller continues to produce innovative and exciting results. Obermeyer has relied on the partnership to produce high-performance products made from high-quality materials for decades.

Our renowned Katze Suit—a one-piece ski suit that blends fashion with technology—is made possible thanks to Schoeller’s 4-way stretch material. The flattering fit moves with the skiers, and the materials keep you dry. The end result: a beautiful ski suit made for a full day of skiing in the harshest climes (and an eye-catching apres session after the chairlifts stop spinning).

Woman in a white obermeyer Katze one-piece suit
Cybele Softshell Suit. HydroBlock® Classic Schoeller® Softshell materials give the Cybele Softshell Suit a luxurious and premier design and performance fit. The sustainably made fabric provides breathable warmth in all conditions. Implementing Schoeller's fabric technology coupled with a contoured design offers a full-movement performance in the Cybele Softshell's “always-on” flattering shape. You’ll look great and ski great in this Obermeyer ski suit designed in partnership with Schoeller.

Bringing together a Swiss institution—Schoeller—with one of America’s ski pioneers—in Obermeyer—for almost 60 years is a poignant example of both brands’ lasting power and commitment to innovation. We are eager to see what the next 60 years brings for this partnership!

Schoeller materials being spun

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