Klaus Obermeyer is adamant about a win-win philosophy to business and partnerships-to Klaus this isn't a zero-sum game and this has been a tenet of Sport Obermeyer's for 75 years. The Obermeyer approach has been described as unconventional, it's a refreshing approach to business that was far ahead of its time decades ago when Klaus put it into motion.

In a 1984 Aspen Magazine article, Obermeyer was described as having "unusual and unbusinesslike values" and we could not be more proud to have been described in this way. After all, it's a direct reference to the fact that Klaus started the business to serve the people who love the sport that he loves. This approach to creating product-where consumer needs mean more than just making a profit-guides our design process to this day.

"We didn't start Obermeyer to get rich," says Klaus Obermeyer during his brand's 75th anniversary year, just after Klaus's 103rd birthday. "We started it because we love skiing."

To this day, everything we make, including a long list of industry "firsts," comes from a true knowledge of and passion for the sport. And most importantly, it comes from knowing what our customers really need and want.

Always create win-win situations and work to make life better for people.

Obermeyer Innovations and Manufacturing Firsts:

  • Double ski boot
  • Flow-fit boot
  • Down ski parka
  • Tapered and dual-tapered aluminum ski pole
  • Traditional ski sweater
  • Seamless turtleneck
  • Double-prong ski stopper
  • Mirrored sunglasses
  • High-altitude sunscreen
  • Double-lens ski goggle
  • Kid's "I-Grow" extendable length jackets and pants
  • "Ski Cashmere" knit - merino wool face, cashmere back

In addition, Obermeyer still strongly believes in the specialty retail experience.

"Business is like a dance," says Klaus. "Always create win-win situations and work to make life better for people. We saw an opportunity to make the skiing life a better one for the skiers in America who came to Aspen a long time ago. That's how our business started: by making things that worked better and solved problems for people."

Some call our relentless innovation and emphasis on relationships "unconventional and unusual." At Obermeyer, we call it our "win-win philosophy" and it's been our brand's heartbeat from the beginning-75 years ago.

Klaus Obermeyer raising a stein in his skis and liderhosen
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