There are three attributes you should look for in a trustworthy ski jacket. The perfect ski shell should bring these three things to the table:

  1. Waterproof
  2. Breathable
  3. Durable

Easy, right? Wrong! 

But we like challenges and problem solving at Obermeyer; so, we set out to find the right fabric to build ski shells with that are worthy of the Obermeyer heart. During the search we found Toray’s Dermizax DX 4-way stretch fabric. This fabric proved to be the perfect ingredient for us to start cooking. The designers got to work with Toray Demizax as the focal point.

If you want to learn more about Toray Dermizax™ you’ve come to right spot…

This is a fabric with a “highly sophisticated and technical membrane that achieves the highest level of waterproofness, breathability and resistance to condensations.” All three boxes from above were ticked in a world-class way from this single fabric.

Waterproof — check  

Breathable — check

Durable — check

The fabric boasts a 4-way stretch which gives any Obermeyer jacket or shell built with Toray Dermizax™ an unrivaled comfortable, adaptable, and flexible feel for whomever is lucky enough to wear it. Because of the 4-way stretch, our Toray products are perfect for skiing and snowboarding because these pursuits take place in extreme conditions. Toray Dermizax™ will make the harshest winter climates and ski conditions comfy!

Dermizax™ is the original Japanese waterproof and breathable fabric technology from Toray. The brand uses decades of experience to manage every part of the fabric’s construction process. A jacket utilizing Toray is built for purpose. This game-changing fabric has been constructed and thoroughly tested specifically for certain outdoor sports. Whether you’re a diehard skier looking for untouched powder stashes, a weekend warrior who wants to be comfy, an uphill charger looking for an intense workout in the alpine, or a mix of everything, is a tool to help you do the job.


Don’t let snow or precipitation derail your time in the outdoors. Toray designed a fabric structure to block water from your body. The waterproof nature Dermizax™ fabrics means you’ll be able to weather whatever weather is thrown your way while skiing or snowboarding.


Breathable fabrics are key to enjoying your time in the elements every kind of adventurer achieving their goals. Dermizax™ fabrics are designed to allow moisture vapor to escape through the material while retaining your body heat. If you are taking things steady and working at an even pace, the fabric will retain heat while allowing humidity to escape, so that your body temperature remains at a comfortable level.

Customizable Yarn

Different fabrics can be combined, various yarn treatments utilized and types of construction can be tailored to each individual’s requirements. This includes the amount of stretch, the soft handfeel, the fabric’s durability, the ‘quietness’ of the material, whether it’s shiny or matte, and diverse fabric constructions such as twill or herringbone.

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