If you’re like us—and more than 100,000 others—you have been following Andrew Muse’s exploits through Instagram for some time now. Muse is a photographer, influencer, athlete, author, YouTube storyteller, adventurer, dog lover, and top-notch bloke.


Andrew Muse and his dog Kicker by a body of water in Alaska

A few years back, Muse converted a 1976 truck into his adventure camping rig and hit the road with his golden retriever, Booter. The wild places beckoned Booter and Muse, and they zig zagged around the country chasing experiences. His travel YouTube series, Tiny Home Adventure, documents the ongoing journey, and his visually compelling book, Life is Golden, is a poignant story centered around Muse’s time traveling with Booter, the devastation he felt at his dog’s tragic death, and new adventures with his puppy, Kicker. The book is stock full of reflections about grief and recovering from the loss of a companion, lessons learned from his time with his beloved dog, and the beginning of a new relationship with Kicker. It’s an honest, emotional, relatable, and fantastic read!

We’re fans (and followers) of Andrew Muse (and Kicker); so, we jumped when the opportunity came up to work with Muse on a photoshoot in Alaska!

Along with Obermeyer ambassador, Anna Tedesco, Andrew and Kicker headed up to AK to document their adventures on Thompson Pass. Of all the photos of big lines and explorations, one continues to be a favorite of ours in the Obermeyer Aspen HQ.

Check out Kicker rocking our brand-new Rallye Sunglasses at Andrew’s and Anna’s basecamp in Alaska…

“Dogs have enhanced this adventure by pushing me towards paths less traveled,” Andrew said in an interview recently. “There’s nothing better than having an adventure buddy along for the ride.”

Stay tuned for more soundbites and snapshots from this epic trip in Alaska. In the meantime, give Andrew and Anna a follow…

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