When leaves start to turn yellow, temperatures drop, and snow dusts the tops of mountains it means winter is coming. Another tell-tale sign of the build-up to winter is ski films start making the rounds.

Dick Durrance and Warren Miller would tour through mountain towns and cities with an affinity for skiing in the good old days to premiere their season’s film. Throngs of frothing skiers would roll out of the woodwork for these showings, hooting and hollering while skiers on the screen would drop cliffs and slice through untouched power. The ski film premiere is a rite of passage for skiers across the country.

Filmmakers are still sharing their work with the masses in packed theaters to mark the buildup to winter officially getting underway. This year, Klaus Obermeyer’s granddaughter—Laura Obermeyer—is stoking the fire with their recent work, “In Your Dreams.” 

Two friends hiking out of a glacier on skis

Featuring the skiing of Obermeyer athlete Anna Tedesco, along with Kellyn Wilson, Skye Clarke, Mckenna Brown, Shondra Charbonneau, Cat Agnew, Tereza Korabova, Rosina Friedel, and Alice Michel, “In Your Dreams” is a fem-centric ski film by Laura Obermeyer and friends. It spans across the globe, from the streets of Minnesota to the Austrian alps, the woods of British Columbia and the deep powder of the Tetons.

“To me, this movie is about the pure joy of skiing with your friends, being in nature, and having fun,” says Anna Tedesco. “I think Laura nailed it.”

Two friends preparing to ski down a mountain

Check out the trailer for “In Your Dreams” below, and keep your eyes peeled for a premiere in your area.


Jackson Hole - 11/5

NYC - 11/13

Aspen - 11/18 

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