“For the good of tomorrow”

Did you know that billions of plastic bottles go into landfills every year? Did you know there’s an innovative brand out there that creates a performance fiber made from recycled plastic bottles (and other recycled materials)? Introducing: REPREVE®! Now, thanks to REPREVE®’s cutting-edge fiber, you can do something about plastic bottles ending up in landfills! Consider purchasing products made with REPREVE® to make a difference.

Obermeyer is thrilled to partner with REPREVE® so our fans can help make a difference. We’re weaving their proprietary fabric through some of our most popular styles! Thanks to REPREVE®, Obermeyer is embracing a new performance fiber made from recycled materials to create products that make a positive impact on the environment.

 We’re transforming recycled bottles into a repurposed fiber with embedded properties like wicking, adaptive warming and cooling, water repellency, insulation, and more. This innovative technology is something we can fully get behind—and we are! We embrace and support finding new life for recycled materials.

We're not just finding new life for recycled materials, like plastic water bottles that are normally discarded into landfills. REPREVE® also offsets using new petroleum, emits fewer greenhouse gases, and conserves water and energy in their process. While we’ve had a good 75-year run at Obermeyer, we’re hyper-focused on the future. Aligning with thoughtful and innovative brands like REPREVE® will be a boon for our future. 

Do you want to shop eco-smart with Obermeyer? Does recycling plastic water bottles into beautiful performance products sound like something you’re in support of? Check out this luxurious look from Obermeyer that incorporates REPREVE® from head to toe. You’ll look good donning this outfit and you can trust that your ski kit is making a difference!

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