Fusing Technology

Fusing fabrics to create a permanent bond

Fused fabrics and materials

Ultrasonic technology involves the creation and channeling of high frequency vibratory waves that cause a rapid buildup of heat in synthetic fabrics. The heat can be used to weld, bond, cut or slit the materials, as desired. The ultrasonic bonding process is fast, accurate and efficient. With the technology of ultrasonic bonding, the need for consumables such as adhesives is eliminated. In addition, the production runs efficiently because there is no need to allow time for glues or other solvents. Bonded garment technology allows for a seamless look and feel providing a more fitted profile and increased flexibility.  A bonded seam can also initiate the stretch and recovery of the fabric, compared to conventional stitching. A bonded seam can be waterproof, and a bonded garment typically weighs less than a sewn garment.

Waterproof-breathable laminations and DWR coatings are key for staying dry and one of the most effective and important ways to keep dry is with fused fabrics and seams. In styles where weight and range of motion are important, we've mapped the seams and fabrics to maintain performance as well as providing exceptional freedom of movement and lightweight function. All of Obermeyer's garments are warrantied to bring you years of dry and hassle-free days.