Obermeyer Women's special sizing, Fir for All




Making moments fit

Nature is as vast and varied as the people who enjoy it. Which proves one size does not fit all. We all come in different shapes and sizes, but a person’s body shape should not determine whether they can get out and enjoy a powder day.

With that in mind, we take fit seriously. Exhaustive efforts go into making sure our designs are styled, cut and stitched to fit the way we all want them to. Because the right fit is the difference between being constantly distracted by ill-fitting clothing and forgetting about your gear while enjoying the day out in the elements.

Women’s Extended Sizing

Blossom Down Parka w/ Faux Fur

USD $479.00

Blossom Down Parka

USD $449.00

Warrior Pant

USD $279.00

Snell SC Softshell Pant

USD $499.00

Nadia Jacket

USD $399.00

Siren Jacket w/Faux Fur

USD $389.00

Siren Jacket

USD $339.00

Sojourner Down Jacket

USD $329.00

Teagan System Jacket

USD $299.00

Felicity Bib Pant

USD $269.00

Printed Clio Softshell Pant

USD $260.00

Snell OTB Softshell Pant

USD $250.00

Clio Softshell Pant

USD $230.00

Printed Bond Pant

USD $229.00

The Bond Sport Pant

USD $229.00

The Bond Pant

USD $199.00

Malta Bib Overalls

USD $199.00

Glyph Tech Softshell Pant

USD $199.00

Jinks ITB Softshell Pant

USD $149.00

Tempest Stretch Pant

USD $159.50

Hillary Stretch Pant

USD $149.50

Sugarbush Stretch Pant

USD $139.50

Aura Pant

USD $139.50

Women's Bandera Pant

USD $129.50

Sugarbush Pant

USD $109.50

Women's Keystone Pant

USD $99.50