Our commitment to a better planet

Home office trombe wall

“Our focus is based on the absolute wonder of the existence of life on the planet Earth. For over 70 years Klaus has reminded us to 'Step lightly on the planet'. Through sustainability we are able to enjoy that which we value most, the outdoors and the powerful connectivity of the human spirit with Nature. The Obermeyer business model is one of sustainability as well – "we always create a win-win relationship with our customers, for when they are happy and enjoying our products then our business remains healthy and we grow more friends". Obermeyer has remained relatively small with creative styles and nimble business practices in order to serve its customers more personally, retaining a size which allows economies of scale while not over-producing and 'dumping' unsold goods.

The commitment from Obermeyer staff is to 'Step lightly on the planet' whenever they can. It has been part of our company culture from the very beginning. Klaus has always appreciated how the environment sustains us with food, water and clean air as well as being a regenerating source of energy for our spiritual well-being. The main Obermeyer office in Aspen is an award-winning “green” complex built in 1980, receiving 60% of its heat from solar energy. In 1991, Obermeyer completed construction of a hydroelectric plant that supplies clean, renewable energy to more than 7,000 homes in southern Colorado. And more recently, the Obermeyer Aspen and Denver offices have been retrofitted for energy efficiency, as well as the 100,000 sq. ft. US Distribution Center. For example, we now use max-energy efficient LED panels with motion sensors, so lights are never on until needed. 

Our Corporate Social Responsibility:

  • Working with socially responsible factories in the industry – fair wages, hours, insurance, avoidance of harmful chemicals to workers and environment.  
  • Partnering with environmentally conscientious material suppliers who process raw materials and dyes without causing harm. These valued partners remain transparent on their sources and the content of their materials. 
  • Requiring suppliers to comply with Obermeyer banned substance list and initiating proactive practices going forward in the near future.
  • We strive to minimize supply chains in order to reduce emissions.