Our commitment to a better planet

Elk mountain range of Colorado's Rockies

Getting people outside and into nature has been our aim from the beginning, so we’ve always felt a deep responsibility to help protect the future of our winters and trees and mountains. 

But this isn’t just a marketing initiative for us. Or a page on our website. For over 70 years, our founder Klaus Obermeyer has been acting on his belief that a company should “step lightly” and strive in every possible way toward sustainable practices. We are passionate and resolute about following his lead, and we look at minimizing our impact from three primary angles: 

1) Practices. As a company, we aim to operate with as minimal footprint as possible. From the award-winning “Green” design of our Aspen Headquarters and ongoing transition to 100% solar at HQ and our Denver distribution center, all the way down to the most minute of details like redesigning our 100% recycled shipping boxes to fold in a way that uses many miles less packing tape per year. 

2) Products. We’ve partnered with environmental ly conscientious suppliers and Bluesign® Certified Manufacturers and Fabric Mills, working towards ever more sustainable clothing materials and designs. But we also look at the life cycle of our products as a way to lessen their impact. From our signature I-Grow™ system that extends the life of children’s skiwear, to lifetime guarantees on all our products, we are determined to make our gear last as long as humanly possible. 

3) Passion. We also firmly believe that by sharing our undying passion for nature, we’ll inspire people to look around and more deeply value it themselves. That they might be more inclined to help preserve and protect the nature they’ve come to appreciate, and pass that same passion onto the next generation, minimizing our collective impact in the process. 

Ultimately, nature is everything to us. So whether it’s lowering our corporate carbon footprint, using increasingly recycled materials or crafting gear that stands up to anything we might put it through, we want to continue to do all we can as a company to help protect the future of our winters, trees and mountains. So we can all continue to get out there and make the most of them.