Klaus Obermeyer

A story of dedication to the outdoor lifestyle

Klaus Obermeyer

Klaus Obermeyer’s enthusiasm is contagious, his energy seemingly endless, his optimism without bounds. To hear him yodel is to experience the depth of his spirit. To watch him ski is to witness his true love of the sport. It all began in 1919 , in Oberstaufen, Germany, the small Bavarian alpine village in which Klaus was born. He was an avid rock climber, as well as a ski mountaineer, racer and jumper. In 1947, Klaus arrived in Aspen, Colorado, where Friedl Pfeiffer had opened the Aspen Ski School. At night, he followed his entrepreneurial spirit. Sensing that people would spend more time on the slopes if they were warm and comfortable he founded Sport Obermeyer - in the attic of his home. There, one of the first of many innovations was born in the form of a down ski parka stitched together from his goose down comforter. Soon after came high-altitude suntan lotion, turtlenecks, nylon windshirts, mirrored sunglasses and more. In 1961, the Sport Obermeyer factory warehouse opened in Aspen, and the innovations continued with “soft-shell” jackets, double lens goggles, and the first waterproof-breathable fabrics.

It is not by chance that Obermeyer designs and manufactures outdoor apparel.  Klaus Obermeyer knows how one’s well-being is dependent upon outdoor experiences. Obermeyer is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles which renew and refresh. Klaus founded Obermeyer because of his boundless passion for the mountains and winter. He wanted to make clothes that would allow people to enjoy winter activities without getting wet and cold, and to simply make being outside feel better.

Somehow it turned into a business as Klaus began making clothes that were weather worthy. Obermeyer started out very very small and at the time there weren’t and many innovative products, so creating industry firsts became routine. His philosophy was simple – to be honest and listen to your customers who love the outdoors. Since his business was started for making outdoor clothing functional, Klaus is proud for Obemeyer’s capability to remain private while being humble and nimble. “When we see someone wearing our clothing we feel like we know them” Making life nice for people as if they are family…  helping them to be comfortable while enjoying being outside.

Positive perspective and endless opportunities: “Love and true appreciation for what you do keeps you youthful and enterprising.” The magic of snow in winter is unmistakable; simply watch a child’s eagerness playing in snow or riding a backyard sled. Big smiles and boundless energy all the way to dinnertime. Starting the youngsters off early with comfortable clothing and they’ll be enthusiasts for life.

It is through the spirit of being outside which creates the vitality our designs reflect – a fresh and invigorating liveliness. Aspen and the Colorado Rockies are our home and a natural fit for us to design and test our products. Whether in town on a snowy evening or on a windswept ridge we carefully consider how the garment fits and performs, while at the same time expressing a sense of style and personal interest in adventure.