Stretch Insulation

Stretch fabric and insulation integration

Thinsulate™ stretch insulation

We integrate stretch insulation in our Fusion collection. 3M™ Thinsulate™ Stretch Insulation moves with the elastane outer fabric for ease of movement. Specifically designed to move when you do. The elastometric insulation guarantees a layer of warmth that gives your outerwear the freedom to expand and contract along with the outer fabric.. We have found that stretch is invaluable for proper fit and range of motion for sporting activities. The product is designed for use in applications where stretch and resilience are important. 

The Stretch Insulation Advantage 

  • • 4-Way and 2-Way Stretch 
  • • Breathable 
  • • Moisture-resistant
  • • Maintains equal dispersion
  • • Expands and contracts with outer fabric
  • • Warm when flexing

The recent technological integration of stretch fibers, linings and insulation allows for unsurpassed performance in a fully unified active garment.