Seam Sealing

Weathertight polyurethane sealant

Taped Seams

Whether it's with a waterproof breathable fabric or a DWR coating, staying dry is key to being comfortable and one of the most effective and important ways to keep you dry is with seam sealing. We have learned over the years to fabricate two different categories:  Fully Seam Sealed and Critical Seams Sealed. Fully seam sealed is just what it means - all seams are sealed. Critical seam sealing is when we seam seal those seams which are exposed directly to weather; shoulders, front plackets, cuffs, pant inseams, etc.

Obermeyer makes fully seam sealed outerwear and yet we also take in consideration cost effectiveness. In pieces where weight and range of motion are key, we've mapped the seams to maintain performance as the goal while allowing freedom of movement and lightweight function. While all of Obermeyer's garments are warrantied to bring you years of dry and hassle-free days, seam sealing takes the extra step to insure that you can trust in the absolute best performance out of your gear.