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Obermeyer fabrics and materials

The quest for the sourcing of fabrics, laminates, and membranes is an ongoing process as improvements in material technology continue to increase performance. We take great care in determining the best fabric for its suppleness and durability. How the fabric holds its dye color over time and variable weather conditions is carefully tested and evaluated. We invest time and energy to evaluate how a fabric accepts our HydroBlock™ lamination and the latest in DWR coating – these tests are paramount to the waterproof breathability ratings and overall performance characteristics. 

Exterior Fabrics:
Nylon is manufactured in a chemical process in which the molecules are lengthened until they reach a where they are smooth and exceptionally strong. The strength of nylon comes from its molecular structure. Polyester is a strong fiber that is hydrophobic (water repellent) in nature. It’s ideal for clothing that is generally used in wet, damp environments. The fabric is coated with a water-resistant finish, which further intensifies its hydrophobic nature. Very durable and strong. It is resistant to most chemicals, stretching and shrinking, is wrinkle resistant, and mildew and abrasion resistant. Its durability makes polyester the ideal choice for high stress outdoor activities.

Lining Fabrics:
Tricot is a thin, smooth, soft, and textured knit nylon fabric with a weave that allows moisture to pass through readily. It holds its shape and has dependable performance characteristics over time.  
Our interior Taffeta lining is a smooth, plain woven polyester fabric which is breathable, allowing moisture to pass through to the outside of the exterior fabric.