HydroBlock™ System

Microporous membrane technology

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HydroBlock™ is a proprietary microporous membrane which encompasses a variety of waterproof breathable coatings. Used in combination with technical fabrics which are developed for high performance waterproof resistance while maintaining a level of breathability. The fabric is fully coated with a HydroBlock™ hydrophobic lamination. The finished side of the fabric is then finished with the latest DWR polymer coating. The DWR is a protective layer to keep the fabric from getting soiled and thereby losing some of its technical characteristics for breathability and water resistance.

Obermeyer independently third party tests all of its fabrics for performance verification. They are lab tested by SGS laboratories, for example: HydroBlock™ Prime lamination resists up to 30,000mm before water penetration and 30,000 grams of water vapor can pass through within a 24-hour time frame. Refer to individual styles for its specific waterproof/breathability rating.