Full-Motion™ Articulation

Optimum range of motion realized

Obermeyer Full-Motion™ Articulation

In active sports wear, fit is everything. We pattern our garments multi-dimensionally so that each piece truly fits the needs of an active lifestyle. Next-generation jackets feature rich interiors, articulated sleeves and pattern-shaped cuffs. With Full-Motion™ articulation, garments are designed and shaped around the lifestyle of an active outdoor enthusiast to enhance comfort and a wide range-of-motion. 

Every prototype is vigorously tested for fit and function. Dynamically tailored garments have superior performance when meeting the demanding physical requirements of skiing. Obermeyer’s fit specialists work closely with designers, pattern makers, and factories to ensure each piece is shaped with a multi-dimensional active pattern. We consider an articulated fit as one of the most important technical aspects in the design and performance of our jackets and pants.