Lifetime warranty in everything we make

lifetime warranty

When Obermeyer made the decision to offer a lifetime warranty available for our outerwear, and it was not something we took lightly. This meant that our premium construction, time-tested fabrics, and forethought toward reinforced fabrication had to be second-to-none.

To illustrate the lengths to which we go in making our gear last - our pants are double layered in the seat and knee to avoid fabric wear and tear and the scuff guards in our men’s garments have double reinforcement construction to provide years of functional performance.

Life in the mountains is fun and adventurous but it is not without its demands on the clothing we choose as our protection. From harsh weather conditions to tightly packed trees, your experience should never be limited to something as in a poorly-made piece of apparel. At Obermeyer, we want you never have to worry, we’ve got you covered.