Body Mapping

3D computer modeling

Body Mapping & Patterning

Our fit and spec team use body mapping to position specific areas where insulation, range-of-motion seaming, and pattern configurations are key to the overall performance of a garment. We use thermal body imaging to best determine where insulation should be located creating an optimum environment. We then evaluate where increased insulation is important while using less 'weighted' insulation in areas where thermal temperature differences are not as critical and ease of movement is important, for example, in the arms. Beginning with pattern design, the template is calculated to accommodate areas where the insulation envelope requires additional material. Eased allowances are then incorporated in areas where ease of movement is appropriate. Computerized 3D modeling is then applied to the pattern to drape the garment's fit on virtual avatar body shapes. We always view our designs through a scientific lens utilizing the latest in technological advancements.