Supply Chain Integrity

“Producing goods and developing infrastructure without causing harm to the environment lie at the heart
of the strategies and policies pursued by Youngone”
— Kihak Sung, Chairman and CEO.

For over decades of doing business with our suppliers we have been working with socially responsible factories in the industry. Some of business relationships have been over 40 years where factories honor employees as one of their greatest assets and encourage personal and professional growth. Understanding that mental as well as physical health is critical for an employee’s well-being our suppliers have associates who have decades of service. 

Human Resource Development is monitored by every factory and presented to Obermeyer annually. Fair wages, decent hours, health insurance, avoidance of harmful chemicals to workers and environment are essential and indispensable for the company’s responsibility of their personnel. We strive to minimize supply chains in order to reduce emissions by curtailing transport from multiple locations of sourced materials.

Partnering with environmentally conscientious suppliers who process raw materials and dyes without causing harm. These valued partners remain transparent on their sources and the content of their materials.

Requiring suppliers to comply with our banned substance list and initiating proactive practices going forward in the near future. Long lasting benefits for the health of people and the planet are paramount for the upcoming generations and nature’s well-being. The future lies in today’s decisions, actions, and foresight.