Our award winning Aspen Office

The commitment from Obermeyer staff is to 'Step lightly on the planet' whenever they can. It has been part of our company culture from the very beginning. Klaus Obermeyer has always appreciated how the environment sustains us with food, water and clean air as well as being a regenerating source of energy for our spiritual well-being. The main Obermeyer office in Aspen is an award-winning “green” office building built in 1980, receiving 60% of its heat from solar energy (shown above our trombe passive solar wall for the Aspen warehouse. The building was designed to be partially below grade to insulate the structure. 12 foot overhangs protect the exterior walls from severe winters and harsh high altitude sunlight – where cooling in the summer and heating is the winter is minimalized. In 2015 all lighting was retrofitted to digital. The company swimming pool is 100% solar heated from the warehouse roof.