Distribution Efficiencies

Distribution efficiency is a true win-win, as Obermeyer takes meaningful steps to become more streamlined within our distribution center and delivering product to specialty retailers and end-consumers we have saved time, money and, more importantly, saved energy. 

Over 50% of all outbound shipments are packaged and shipped with the end goal of total elimination polybags, tissues, paper and cardboard inserts. Every passing month we become more accustomed to shipping with less packing materials while maintaining a secure deliverable package.

We have reduced our FedEx Transportation exposure by 50% due to more efficient shipping out our dock doors; less multi-shipments to specialty retail stores – more complete orders shipped in one shipment.

Several years ago our design team created a Fit initiative to develop a reimagined perspective. With that in mind, we take Fit seriously. Exhaustive efforts go into making sure our designs are styled, cut and stitched to fit the way we all want them to. Because the right fit is the difference between being constantly distracted by ill-fitting clothing and forgetting about your gear while enjoying the day out in the elements. Who would have thought that now years later our updated Fit Profiles and Fit Guide have significantly reduced returns and multi-sized orders. Shipping is energy.