Design Integrity

The best opportunity within the clothing lifecycle to increase longevity is at the product design stage, where changes to design practices can have a significant impact on how long individual items remain wearable. The fundamental reason for consumers to discard clothing is that it no longer looks good - which our designers can directly influence through timeless designs and multi-use functionality.

Electronic Pattern making minimizing waste Obermeyer’s fit specialists work closely with designers, pattern makers, and factories to ensure each piece is shaped on a 3D multi-dimensional avatar because we consider fit a critical technical aspect in the design and performance of your garment. The computer modeling then optimizes how patterns are configured on a specific width of fabric to minimize waste and improve efficiency. 

Recycled Fabric & Insulation Obermeyer is pleased to partner with Repreve® and weave our most popular styles with their proprietary fabric. Repreve® transforms recycled plastic bottles into athletic and fashion apparel… reliable and durable quality. Over 40% all of Obermeyer products sold now utilize recycled fabric and insulation technologies. 

Reinforced Construction We design and build product for longevity where durability has always been our priority. Designing for longevity has been identified as the single largest opportunity to reduce the carbon, water and waste footprints of clothing. Increased usability supports families for affordability and sharing hand-me-downs. Quite simply, if clothes have a longer usable life, they can be replaced less frequently - reducing the volume discarded and meaning fewer resources are consumed in manufacturing.