Denver Distribution Center

We are proud to have been recognized as one of the most efficient buildings of its kind for warehousing and distribution of goods in the greater Denver Metropolitan area. Super-efficient automated on-off 100% LED digital lighting which is motion sensitive with building roof plans to take the building to 100% solar for all its energy needs.

Denver Distribution Center Operations

Working with our factories we standardized Carton sizes to reduce overall cardboard use and efficient space saving storage area. 100% of all Cardboard and Polybags are recycled and we require all factories to minimize the use of plastics, paper, and excess materials during the packing of products for shipment.

We re-engineered our box construction to greatly reduce strapping tape, paper and packing material – saving over 10 miles of plastic packing tape over the course of a year. We have implemented an all-electronic based Warehouse Management System, eliminating tons of paper usage and subsequent waste.

We replace or repair all garments returned to Obermeyer per our customer’s request thereby extending the usefulness of an individual product’s lifecycle.  All repairs performed in Denver using recycled, excess inventory and re-purposed materials. Surplus inventory and returns are cleaned, repaired and donated to Native American Reservations throughout the western Rocky Mountains.