Brand Story

An intimate fellowship with nature

We are passionate like-minded individuals who are creative, technical, dedicated environmentally with active sports backgrounds, and a singular purpose – to get people outside. 

Whether it’s to stop and feel the breeze, or to take in the view down the side of a mountain or skiing, hiking, and building snow forts, there’s something essential and profound about moments spent out of the central heating and in the outdoors. Because getting away from it all, at whatever altitude or solitude we choose, moments take on greater meaning when we’re living in the moment. At our own pace, we can breathe, feel, reconnect, and hear nature’s essence. We become better humans. Not to mention, we see the world with a greater range of vision as a large, majestic place to which we are directly connected. 

With all that in mind, we aim to innovate and develop products and solutions that make nature more accessible, more comfortable, and more fun. And that allow people to get out there and “make moments”. Led by an aeronautical engineer with an insatiable appetite for problem solving and a tight-knit team of technical clothing innovators, we’ve done it for years, creating the down parka, mirrored sunglasses, seam sealing, soft shell jackets, turtlenecks, and much more. 

We spend our time developing new ideas because we’re thinkers and tinkerers and testers. We take the time to do things the right way. We labor over distilling complexity into the simplest forms. While aiming to create products that feel like they’ve been made just for you. So you can get out there and make moments.