Meaningful moments

By creating products and solutions that facilitate a closer, more comfortable connection with the outdoors, we aim to share the joy and the magic we ourselves feel, and make those outdoor experiences feel more memorable, powerful.

Why moments? Because calling an experience a “moment” means it’s more than just a measure of time. A moment may be fleeting, or seem to last. There might be many of them or just one that sticks out. It may be spent with others or alone. It may hit you on your first run on a powder day, or at the end of a long day of snowman building. But by calling it a ‘moment’ within the expanse of a day, or the universe of a lifetime, it means that period of time has meaning and innate value. Moments are worthy of remembering. Moments make us feel. They change us. And moments enjoyed in nature make us think about nature in a new way. They inspire us to step lightly, and want to help protect the future of the outdoors itself.