Oberneyer Men's extended sizing



Dimensional Sizing for Every Body 

A well-fitting garment is key to its overall performance and our extended sizing allows for a wide range of body types ensuring a comfortable experience while allowing for dynamic movements. 

Tall dimensional sizing provides an extra 2 inches in jacket sleeve length. Long dimensional sizing provides an additional 2 inches in pant inseam length. Short dimensional sizing reduces pant inseam by 2 inches.  Whether you’re an extra-small to triple XL, we’ve got you covered.

Men’s Extended Sizing

Force Suspender Pant

USD $249.00

Men's Alpinist Stretch Pant

USD $169.50

Men's Nomad Cargo Pant

USD $139.50

Mettle Pant

USD $129.50

Men's Keystone Pant

USD $99.50

Men's Keystone Shell Pant

USD $94.50