How We Became

A History of Innovation

Obermeyer a legacy of innovation

With each and every product Obermeyer has developed – from the turtleneck, high-altitude sun block, and mirrored sunglasses, to soft-shell jackets, dual-construction ski boots, and the first Gore-Tex fabrics – the purpose has been constant: to get people out of the forced hot air by making spending time outdoors easier and more comfortable. 

Just as importantly, the fun of winter isn’t lost on us. We’ve always felt there’s so much more than developing the best gear with the most function – that fun is at the core of why we climb peaks, brave sub-zero temperatures, and build snowmen. To that end, Obermeyer has always taken fun seriously, forging a design aesthetic that makes skiing feel like much more than a technical endeavor. From innovative fabrics, bold colors, and custom patterns, to the first fashion shoots on skis, Obermeyer has long-inspired ski culture and skiers themselves to feel like we all belong on the slopes. That we could all join in on the fun… whether you were Gary Cooper, Warren Miller, or just a couple of parents looking for the holiday you’d never forget. 

Still family-owned, we’re a team fueled by the same sense of hunger and passion for the outdoors as our founder. We all live to play in the mountains. On powder days, the ski lift is our office. We tinker and test and put gear through real life fittings on the slopes, not just a lab. We care deeply about how it’s going to fit and make people feel. And we’ve grown seven decades of roots in the industry as a result. Ultimately, we’re determined to share that profound feeling we get at the top of a powder run, or at the end of a snowball fight… and when we’ve done our jobs right, you will feel it too. 

Whether it’s time-tested designs or new innovations, it’s simply always been our aim to get people outside. Because it’s there, when we’re living in the moment, that we make truly meaningful ones.