Built to Last

Lifetime warranty in everything we make

Obermeyer durability

When Obermeyer made the decision to offer a lifetime warranty, it was not something we took lightly; it was the right thing to do for our planet and our customers. This meant premium construction, time-tested fabrics, reinforced fabrication, and design forethought had to be front-of-mind. Business must put purpose before profit. Purpose shaped with the values and a mindset of sustainability fuels profitability.

To illustrate the lengths to which we go in making our gear last - our pants are double-layered in the seat and knee to avoid fabric wear and tear. The scuff guards in our men’s garments have double reinforcement construction to provide years of functional performance.

We take extra pride seeing our clothes come in for repair after decades of use. We repair as many as possible extending their usefulness. Our expert repair department is an integral part of our ‘product testing’ outreach and communicates with our design and production departments to assure ongoing quality control. They are solution-based co-workers. Our goal is to repair products to ‘as new’ condition and return them to our customers in a timely manner. 

We sort through the remaining items that we are unable to fix and repurpose as many as we can. Our stewardship also extends back to our supply chain where we find the highest possible use for any excess materials.