Heading out for a bit of backcountry adventure

A History of Innovative Features

For over 70 years, the product innovations that have come from Klaus and our product team who have contributed to the outdoor experience for countless enthusiasts. This is our foundation. It is also our future. We are firm believers that our product continues to evolve and improve because of the care, quality and commitment behind every garment. Within our product research and development department we have a team devoted to innovation. This is where we internally embody Klaus and his ever ongoing mentality that 'you never have it made'. We are continually Improving our technical garments, utilizing more sustainable fabrics, implementing new breakthroughs in waterproof/breathability, insulation, thermal regulation, safety features, fit and more. We also keep up-to-date incorporating new features to an ever changing world such as cell phone pockets, on-board music systems, Recco® rescue systems, seam sealing, faux fur and more. This is where we bring modern technology into everything we make so being outside is comfortable and enjoyable.


Safety Reflective

Safety Reflective Trims

Reflective coatings have come a long way. We use a durable cloth which accepts the micro glass bead. It is hot pressed and coated with aluminum to increase its visible coefficient thereby achieving an extremely high silver reflective. The glass beads focus and reflect light back to the light source, this is critical and is retroreflection. Typically retroreflection can be seen several hundred feet away, even in low light situations. Shorter days are certainly a trademark of winter and while we wish just as much as you that we could have a bit more daylight hours to enjoy being outside, the winter months have other ideas. For over a decade we’ve included strategically-placed safety reflective trims on our garments to ensure the age-old adage – safety first!


'I-Grow' Extended Sizing

I-Grow Sizing Option

Extended sizing allows the garment to increase the sleeve cuff and pant hem lengths; the garment has built-in tucks of additional fabric to increase the garment's size as your child grows. We design our ski clothing to be worn multiple seasons, again and again, although with growing children, that is not always feasible. To extend the longevity of our garments and support families clothing needs, we developed the innovative 'I-Grow' system. This proprietary system features a simple and unique way to lengthen the sleeves and cuffs up to two inches. Snip and release the 'I-Grow' colored threads to release the tucks.


Snap Technology

Branded secure snaps

No detail is overlooked which is why we ensure that our snaps function and hold as they should by sourcing them from high-quality, industry-leading metal foundries.  Snaps are then reinforced during our own construction process to guarantee security and function in all temperatures and conditions. The riveting process through reinforced fabric interlocks the male snap and female receiver to be secure and a positive connection. 


Micro Fleece

Micro fleece technology

We have developed our own micro fleece to provide a next-to-skin soft fleece, wicking fabric, and hydrophobic barrier. Micro fleece is a thin polyester fleece constructed in a spun textured design. One significant positive from polar micro fleece is how durable it is and its superb performance throughout its very long life-cycle. Soft and super comfortable its thinness allows for excellent breathability, and it is anti-microbial silver ions guard against unwanted odors.


Working Compass

Kid's Working Compass


From very early on, we committed to make clothing in which whole families can comfortably enjoy the outdoors together. While being warm and dry is essential, there are small, distinctive features which inspire the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts. Years ago we developed a working compass and attached it on each boys and girls jackets. What a surprisingly simple yet much appreciated accessory for the little... an true attention grabber. Secured with a grosgrain loop, the compass expands their imaginations by teaching them how to discover the world around them.


Stretch Thumbhole Inner Cuff

Stretch thumbhole inner cuffs

Good weather protection begins by keeping out the cold and moisture. Securing openings between various pieces of gear is critical in times of unpredictable weather conditions. Hands are super important to keep warm and the connection between the jacket cuff and the glove is a critical interface. A stretch inner cuff with a thumbhole keeps the elongated cuff over the wrist and supplies additional protection between the jacket and glove.


Interior Stretch Mesh Pocket

Obermeyer interior mesh pocket

Interior pockets are a convenience for many items. We have learned that when they are mesh pockets, they breathe, are light, and stretch – very flexible for taking care of a variety of stowed stuff. Large or small, damp or dry, irregular shapes... all can be accommodated with ease; both in storage capacity as well as accessibility.


Detachable Hood

Onermeyer removable hood

When a hood is needed they are invaluable. Sometimes when they are simply hanging out and not in use they can be a bit unruly. The detachable hood is a welcome option with a convenient easy off zipper and hook & loop collar tabs. Durable, lightweight insulation, helmet compatible and fully adjustable make these hoods, when in use, effective and super efficient. Each hood is specifically designed with each jacket style to best shelter your head and neck in challenging weather conditions.


Detachable Goggle Cloth

Obermeyer Detachable Goggle Cloth

We all know how important our eyes are; especially out in sunny days or stormy weather. Whether you are wearing sunglasses on a sunny summer day or goggles on a blustery winter day, clear lens optics is a must. Obermeyer's detachable lens cloth provides you an easily accessible detachable goggle cloth to keep your lenses clear and free from unwanted damage. A microfiber cleaning cloth which clears dust, fingerprints, dirt and smudges as well as moisture from the lens while staying dry.


Interior Hem Drawcord

Interior adjustable hem drawcord

There are times when you would like to gather the hem fabric around your waist. Could be for style, keeping the elements out or for a more adjusted fit around the waist. The drawstring is nested within a hem casing and exits through an eyelet. The elastic drawstring is drawn and held tight with a cordlock. We have sewn in a loop for keeping the elastic cord in place: The ends are also sewn into the hen casing so as to not allow the cord from receding into the casing. Easy to use and reliable for continual adjustments.


Snap-Away™ Powder Skirt

Snap-Away™ Powder Skirt

A powder skirt is an elasticized waterproof fabric on the bottom of a jacket above the hem. The Obermeyer Snap-Away™ features incorporates two snaps which allow the wearer to either tuck up the powder skirt when not in use, or detach the powder skirt altogether for when you are out and about. Easy to store and reattach for the next powder day. The powder skirt prevents unwanted snow or moisture from either collecting around your waist or entering down your pants. The gripper elastic on the bottom makes a snug barrier around your waist securing a custom fitted enclosure.


Neck Gaiter

Lightweight Neck Gaiter

We know you’re reading this on a computer or mobile device right now but we really would prefer if you were outside. In an effort to keep you from getting chilled when you’re out and about we have fabricated a lightweight, warm and absorbent neck gaiter.  It is made from a superior wicking fabric which is elastic, providing a snug comfortable fit. Even though it is lightweight we have found it to be very versatile in all weather conditions –  the feedback from the field is that it is not too hot when used as sun protection. Whether it’s on your head, your face or your neck, it's got you covered.