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Features & Technology

Features & Technology

Italian Cellulose Acetate

Our plant-based, non petroleum, Italian cellulose acetate is derived from cotton, and is one of the highest quality materials that can be used for eyewear frames. It is hypoallergenic, heat resistant, and non toxic, and is stronger, more durable and more flexible than other plastic materials.

Mineral Glass Lenses

The Obermeyer Rallyes use naturally-sourced mineral glass that is endlessly recyclable, and provides an extremely scratch resistant, distortion-free viewing experience. Using what is considered to be the world's best lens material means we can provide you with a quality and precision that is hard to match.

Handmade in France

The Obermeyer Rallyes are hand-assembled in France, by artisans with nearly 100 years of experience making hand-crafted eyewear. Each pair requires 700 minutes and about 300 steps to match Klaus Obermeyer's vision of the original Rallyes, and to meet our peak standards.

Mirrored Lenses

On our black, navy and clear frames, we bring back one of Klaus Obermeyer's signature innovations, the mirrored lens. Providing an extra layer of protection and style, the mirrored lens was an engineering feat that Klaus hung his hat on decades ago, making an indelible mark on ski history. As Klaus recently said, "you could look out, but they couldn't look in."

Removable Leather Glacier Shields

That bright white powder we love so much can reflect the suns harmful rays at dangerous levels. While our mineral glass lenses protect you from direct light, our removable leather glacier shields offer protection from the sides. We want you to keep your eyes on making those fresh tracks, and safe while doing so.

Scratch-Free Microfiber Lens Cloth

Each pair of Rallyes comes with a scratch-free microfiber cloth for cleaning the extremely durable, easy to clean, mineral glass lenses.

Custom Obermeyer Case

Keep your Rallyes protected when you're not wearing them with this vintage-inspired, mountain heart embossed, custom leather case.

Unisex Fit

Whether the 1960s originals, or these modern versions, our Rallyes have always been designed with everyone in mind. Our unisex fit has allowed anyone on the mountain to express themselves and their unique personality, while also protecting those priceless eyes.

Lens 62MM

Nose 18MM

Arms 150MM